Write the rest of the story with the writing of the story

You took advantage of the holidays to move forward with the writing of THE super-story that you had been carrying within you for months… After having covered pages and pages in enthusiasm and happiness, arriving in the middle of the story… it’s is the black hole! You have no idea how to continue.

If so far you have produced a certain number of pages without fail, perhaps you simply need to take a break  : two or three days of walking with your nose in the wind, a good film, a drink with friends, a trip at the sea… Choose what suits you, which will allow you to recharge your batteries while clearing your mind. The important thing is to stop thinking about what you did the day before so that you can come back to it the day after tomorrow.

Restart the action

If you are stuck and the blockage drags on, there is no need to hesitate: you must find a way to restart the action . For example, by adding a new obstacle that will force your characters to move. Or by imagining a turnaround to non-fiction writing. Surprise yourself!

It is also possible that you have forgotten along the way the plot that you had so carefully developed: take a step back, reread your notes and ask yourself if, here, you did not take a wrong turn in sending your character in that direction. Is it consistent with the plot and what you know about the character? Does this really add anything to the story? Does this move him forward?

Ask yourself the right questions

Finally, it may be that you have not developed a plot: you started with an idea that you liked, because for you there is nothing better than discovering the story by writing it… Why not ? great novelists do this and do very well. When I start writing, confides Haruki Murakami, I have no plan. My head is empty. I walk blindly in my own darkness. For IQ84, I had the first scene: in a taxi stuck in traffic in Tokyo listening to classical music. I don’t know what will happen in my novel. I just have faith that I can finish it. I have confidence , but I don’t have a story yet !

Your problem is not to get bogged down in a story that stalls. If you’re halfway through, you already have a story, right? So it might be helpful to re-read everything you’ve written and check what the outline of your story is. What do you want to tell? Who are the characters and what are their interactions? Imagine you wanted to summarize this story to a ten year old child, how would you do it? Asking yourself all these questions will lead you to clarify your intentions and help you find where you want to go.

Write in summer

In summer, long live sneakers and sandals!… To explore the countryside or walk the streets, nothing beats light shoes. And to write, forget tablet and computer for two easy-to-use tools to slip into your pocket: a notebook, a pen…

Take advantage of summer to write differently: leaning on one elbow, nose level with the grass, or astride the stone wall at the bottom of the garden… On a bench on the banks of the Seine or on the terrace of a café… In the metro, along the stations… Elbows in the sand, facing the ocean… Changing your writing habits allows you to book writing services in usa. For example, by allowing yourself to write what comes: fragments captured while walking, snippets of dialogue, sketches taken from life, embryonic fictions, bits of poems… Long live sneakers and sandals in the summer!… Nothing surpasses light sneakers for navigating city streets or rural areas .For writing, ditch the iPad and computer in favor of two portable tools: a notebook and a pen. Summer is the right time to let go socket. To agree to write, perhaps, anything… without judgment, just for pleasure. It’s also trying to write where you haven’t yet dared to start, accepting being a beginner in an unexplored field: children’s stories, haiku, serial novels, the fantastic story?… And if upon rereading you find that it’s really not for you, tell yourself that writing is also, sometimes, a failure. And congratulate yourself for trying!

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