What are the Crumbl Cookie Flavors This Week 2023?

As a lover of sweets, discovering a new Crumbl cookie flavor is one of my favorite weekly treats! Crumbl Rotational Bakery has made a name for itself by offering a small batch of specialty flavors that change every week, keeping customers excited to stop by their local store. If you’re wondering “What are the Crumbl cookie flavors this week?”, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll break down Crumbl’s weekly rotating menu, highlighting popular classics, unique new flavors, and seasonal favorites. We’ll take a look at how Crumbl reveals the upcoming cookie lineup and makes each flavor available in limited quantities. Finally, we’ll end with tips and tricks for trying new Crumbl creations before they sell out. Let’s dive in!

Popular Classic Flavors

While Crumbl features different cookie varieties each week, they do have a handful of beloved classics that return to the menu frequently. Here are some staple crumbl cookie promo code flavors that have stood the test of time:

Chocolate Chip

This traditional flavor might seem boring, but Crumbl manages to make their thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie absolutely crave-worthy. Melty chocolate chips stud the soft dough for the perfect sweet treat.

Sugar Cookie

Crumbl’s signature sugar cookie features a buttery crisp edge that gives way to a cake-like center topped with their iconic decorative frosting. This simple classic is a customer favorite for good reason.


For a touch of savory flavor, Crumbl’s honey cornbread cookie offers a tender, slightly crumbly cornbread base swirled with honey butter cream cheese frosting. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and salty.


This giant chocolate waffle cookie is filled with Oreo creme and topped with more creme frosting as well as chocolate cookie crumbles. It’s an Oreo lover’s dream!

Unique Rotating Weekly Flavors

While Crumbl always brings back popular flavors, they really shine with their weekly rotating menu that changes completely each Sunday. Some unique and amazing flavors we’ve seen recently include:

Caramel Popcorn

Buttery caramel coats puffed rice treats and toasted waffle cone pieces for a cookie inspired by caramel popcorn. A truly unique flavor!

Peanut Butter Bar

A thick graham cracker base, creamy peanut butter filling, and chocolate frosting come together to mimic a take-home peanut butter bar in cookie form.


Just like the Girl Scout cookie, this flavor features a chewy coconut cookie base topped with caramel, chocolate, and toasted coconut.


This ooey-gooey cookie has a graham cracker bottom with marshmallow creme and melted chocolate chips for a true camping treat.

Mint Chocolate Chip

A festive green sugar cookie base holds pockets of mint chocolate chips and is topped with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips for a cool, minty delight.

Confetti Cake

Fun rainbow sprinkles bake right into vanilla sugar cookie dough. Vanilla frosting, more sprinkles, and a cake pop stick give this cookie cake vibes.

Caramel Apple

Tart Granny Smith apples baked into a brown sugar cookie create apple pie flavor. Salted caramel frosting and streusel pie crust crumbs finish it off.

Candy Bar

Layers of chocolate cookie, peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting, peanuts, and caramel recreate the flavor of a Snickers candy bar.

Seasonal Favorites

In addition to the weekly lineup, Crumbl also crafts flavors tied to holidays and seasons throughout the year. Here are some of their best seasonal creations:

Pumpkin Roll

Moist pumpkin cookie rolled in cinnamon with cream cheese frosting—perfect for fall.

Peppermint Bark

A holiday classic, with crunchy peppermint topping a chocolate cookie base.


Spiced, molasses gingerbread cookies topped with fluffy frosting get everyone in the Christmas spirit.


These eggnog-flavored cookies decorated with nutmeg recreate the taste of the holidays in cookie form.

How Crumbl’s Weekly Menu Works

So how does Crumbl manage to constantly switch up their menu each week? Let’s look at how the rotation works:

The Reveal

Crumbl loves to build anticipation and excitement over their upcoming flavors. They typically announce the following week’s lineup just a couple days in advance on social media.

Limited Quantities

Because each flavor is made in small custom batches for that week only, locations often sell out quickly. Scarcity builds hype around specialty or seasonal options.

In-Store vs Online Orders

Limited edition and seasonal cookie pre-orders online guarantee your flavors, otherwise its first come first served in store during the week.

Tips for Trying New Flavors

Hopefully by now your curiosity is piqued about what unique flavor combinations Crumbl has in store this week. Here are some insider tips for experiencing new rotating menu items before they’re gone:

Ask Employees

Employees at your local Crumbl often have the inside scoop on upcoming flavors not yet announced. Ask what they know!

Check Early

New flavors launch Sunday, but go early in the week to have the best selection before they potentially sell out.

Be Flexible

If you have your heart set on a specific flavor, pre-order online when available or get to the store right at open. Otherwise, go in with an open mind and get whatever flavors are available during your visit. Part of the fun is trying options you didn’t plan on!


Crumbl cookie fans can always count on the bakery’s signatures like chocolate chip and sugar, but the excitement of their rotating weekly menu is what keeps people coming back. Unique flavor mashups, seasonal specialties, and limited availability mean you never know what you might get to try! Follow Crumbl on social media, check with your local store, and get there early in the week to experience their latest cookie creations before they’re gone. And be adventurous—you never know when your new favorite flavor will appear!

Now that you know the inside scoop, you’re ready to confidently answer “What are the Crumbl cookie flavors this week?” for yourself. Happy flavor hunting!


How often does Crumbl change their flavors?

Crumbl changes their lineup of cookie flavors weekly, every Sunday. The new flavors are then available for one week only before the menu rotates again.

Where can I find out next week’s Crumbl flavors?

Crumbl typically announces the following week’s flavors on their social media pages a few days in advance, usually Wednesday or Thursday. Following their Instagram or Facebook accounts is the best way to stay updated.

Are Crumbl’s specialty flavors always available?

No, each weekly menu lineup is only available for that particular week while supplies last. Once the next Sunday rotation happens, those unique flavor combinations may be gone for good or not brought back for a long time.

What if I miss out on a Crumbl flavor I wanted to try?

If you had your eye on a Crumbl flavor that sold out or rotated off the menu before you could try it, don’t fret! Many food blogs and fan accounts post Crumbl flavor dupes or copycat recipes you can make at home using similar ingredients.

How early should I arrive at Crumbl to get new flavors?

Your best bet is to go to Crumbl as early as possible in the week, ideally on Monday or Tuesday, for the best flavor selection before popular cookies sell out. Limited pre-orders for specialty flavors online can also guarantee you the specific flavors you want to try.

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