How to Setup WhatsApp Outlook Integration: Full Guide

Businesses look forward to automating and integrating their contacts in their Outlook calendar. Businesses make use of service providers and Microsoft Power Automate to send invites to their WhatsApp contacts right from their Outlook calendar. Service providers provide the facility of making a pre-built process flow. Businesses can import the pre-built process flow and add it to the settings of their Outlook account. 

Whether the user is a small business or a large setup, setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration could offer a lot of benefits. With the help of the WhatsApp Outlook integration, it is possible to keep track of dates and motives of events, meetings, and seminars by setting reminders for the same. By following easy steps on setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration, WhatsApp Outlook integration can be implemented.

Why set up WhatsApp Outlook Integration?

Sometimes people working for the business may forget about important meetings due to workload. WhatsApp Outlook integration could help individual users and businesses in organizing events and meetings promptly. WhatsApp Outlook integration could come in handy in meeting deadlines. For individual users and also for businesses, email and WhatsApp are the best possible platforms for formal and informal communication. Such usage addresses multiple concerns such as the security concerns of leaking of communication businesses make with their customers. Keeping track of the communication on both platforms is time-consuming. Thus, it is important to consider WhatsApp Outlook integration.   

The integration of Whatsapp with Outlook offers multiple benefits for the users. WhatsApp Outlook integration allows the unification of communication. With the help of WhatsApp Outlook integration, users can access and manage their messages within the interface of Outlook. This allows the users to have a unified view of the messages, tasks, and emails, making it easier to keep the messages organized and respond promptly. One of the most important benefits of WhatsApp Outlook integration is efficient task management. 

With the help of WhatsApp Outlook integration, messages on WhatsApp can be conveniently converted into actionable tasks in Outlook. WhatsApp Outlook integration ensures that tasks can be prioritized and reminders can be set to complete the tasks on time. It can be mentioned that WhatsApp Outlook integration enables seamless collaboration in the business or organization, between colleagues, clients, and team members. Activities such as sharing of files and discussion of project details are made easier with the help of WhatsApp Outlook integration. Without the requirement of switching between different platforms, it is easier to keep everyone on board.   

There is no direct method of integrating WhatsApp with Outlook account. Integration of WhatsApp with Outlook account can be done with the help of third-party service providers such as GetITSMS. Making use of the GetITSMS portal businesses and individual users can set up the process of integration of their WhatsApp account with Outlook account. 

WhatsApp Outlook integration can be implemented with the help of add-ins. These add-ins are provided by third-party service providers such as GetITSMS. Users can simply visit Outlook on the web, and choose manage integrations and connectors. Among the list of connectors, users can select the option as per their requirements. It is possible to configure the connectors by following the on-screen directions. Businesses look for add-ins that are functional on the desktop, web version, and mobile devices. 

Setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration can be done with the help of applications such as GetITSMS. There are multiple benefits of WhatsApp Outlook integration. Third-party service providers such as GetITSMS can help businesses in getting these benefits. It is important to note that WhatsApp can not read or see-through personal information or calls. WhatsApp or Meta can not read the personal messages. All the information and communication is secured using end-to-end encryption. 

What is Microsoft Outlook? 

Microsoft Outlook is a preferred email client that is used to send and receive emails by accessing a Microsoft Exchange server-based email server. Outlook provides multiple benefits such as access to contacts, email calendar, and multiple task management features. Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite and Office 365 but it can also be used as a standalone application. Businesses can use Microsoft Outlook as a multiuser software. It is possible to integrate Microsoft Outlook with applications such as Microsoft SharePoint to share project notes, documents, and reminders, and to collaborate with colleagues. Microsoft Outlook is available as a part of Microsoft 365 subscription. There is also an option of using the free browser-based version of Microsoft Outlook. It has limited features. 

What is a WhatsApp business account? 

A WhatsApp business account is an account specifically for the business. A personal WhatsApp account is used for connecting with colleagues and friends. A WhatsApp business account is not much different from the conventional WhatsApp messenger application. It is an extension of it providing features to serve customers, communicating effectively with the prospects, and facilitating sales.  

Small businesses can sign up on the WhatsApp business application for free. They simply have to download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Businesses have to use a separate number for setting up this account. It is important to mention that only one user number can manage a single WhatsApp business account. It is important to mention that a WhatsApp business account requires approval from a WhatsApp partner. There are also costs associated with a WhatsApp business account including sending WhatsApp bulk SMS to the customers.  

Setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration 

It is possible to set up WhatsApp Outlook integration with the help of service providers such as GetITSMS. Before integrating WhatsApp with Outlook, it is important to connect the WhatsApp business account with WhatsApp business API. Service providers such as GetITSMS help in the integration of WhatsApp business accounts with WhatsApp business API. 

The most important benefit of GetITSMS is that the users can open and keep track of Outlook and WhatsApp conversations with the help of a single inbox only. GetITSMS helps in keeping track of every conversation with the customers. Such service providers also provide operational efficiency, that is, users can automate repetitive tasks. Customers can get their queries and questions resolved in a fast manner. The stepwise procedure for implementing WhatsApp Outlook integration including the steps for connecting WhatsApp business account with WhatsApp business API has been provided. 

They are: 

Users can access WhatsApp business API through a WhatsApp service provider such as GetITSMS. The steps which can be followed to implement the integration are as follows: 

  • Sign up for a free trial of GetITSMS.
  • Enter the information to set up a GetITSMS account. 
  • Select WhatsApp Business in settings after completing the information to set up a GetITSMS account.
  • Select ‘Get Started’.
  • Connect WhatsApp business account with Facebook business account. Ensure the existence of a Facebook business account before connecting the WhatsApp business account with GetITSMS.     
  • Ensure that all the requirements displayed on the page of GetItSMS are fulfilled. In case the requirements are not fulfilled, send an email to the official email ID of GetITSMS.
  • Link the Facebook account to get items to complete the process of setting up a WhatsApp business account.  
  • Enter the required details such as the name and address of the company in the provided fields. 
  • To log in, click on ‘Continue with Facebook’. 
  • Please check if the entries made on the GetITSMS portal are accurate. Press next. 

Following these steps ensures that the cellphone number gets connected with the WhatsApp business API. The next steps in the process of WhatsApp Outlook integration are easy and quick.

  • Login into the GetITSMS account. 
  • Select the email option in settings. 
  • Click on the ‘connect email’ or ‘+’ icon. 
  • Select ‘Create Outlook account’ from the list of three options appearing on the screen. 
  • Click on ‘Sign in with Microsoft’.
  • Sign in to the Microsoft account (Outlook account) to connect it with GetITSMS. 
  • That’s it. Access and manage conversations on both platforms in one view. 

Benefits of WhatsApp Outlook Integration 

There are multiple advantages of setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration. WhatsApp Outlook integration is beneficial in boosting productivity and streamlining communication processes. Making use of third-party service providers such as GetITSMS, individuals and businesses can set up such integration. It is important to mention that there is no official partner for setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration. Some of the most important benefits of setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration are as follows:

Setting up reminders 

Sometimes it is required to send messages at specific times throughout the day. WhatsApp Outlook integration allows the use of Outlook calendar events and reminders in sending WhatsApp messages throughout the day by combining WhatsApp and Outlook, that is, WhatsApp Outlook integration. When it is the right time to send the message, a reminder comes up in the bottom right corner of the computer. 

Clear direction for communication 

It is required to have a clear picture of communication that is uniform across all platforms. In case the customer is not able to get the question resolved on the platform would switch to another platform to get it resolved. For example, a customer whose question is not resolved on WhatsApp account could switch to email and repeat the question. However, in the case of WhatsApp Outlook integration, it would not be required for the customers to post their questions repeatedly. 

Synchronization of contacts between WhatsApp and Outlook 

Setting up WhatsApp Outlook integration helps in the centralization of all the contacts rather than individually handling them. WhatsApp Outlook integration helps in instantaneous communication with every contact on both platforms in an integrated manner. 


WhatsApp Outlook integration allows users to send files. For example, files stored on an Outlook account can be shared with WhatsApp chats. It is required to manually attach the files on WhatsApp after downloading them manually from the Outlook account. Third-party service providers such as GetITSMS provide the facility for users to browse Outlook files right from the WhatsApp interface. 

Troubleshooting Common Issues 

Some of the common issues faced by the users and the troubleshooting techniques that can be used while attempting WhatsApp Outlook integration are as follows. 

  • Ensure that the internet connection is stable on the computer as well as the mobile device. 
  • Make sure that the WhatsApp connection is active and functioning properly. 
  • To resolve temporary glitches, restart WhatsApp and Outlook. 
  • Check for updates in WhatsApp and Outlook and install the updates if available. 
  • If the integration still does not work, consider reinstalling WhatsApp and Outlook and repeating the above-mentioned process. 

Best Practices for WhatsApp Outlook Integration 

Some of the best practices for WhatsApp Outlook integration are as follows: 

  • Keep messages organized by using the feature of folders and labels in Outlook. 
  • Rules and filters should be used for prioritizing and automatically sorting the incoming messages.
  • Avoid sending confidential and sensitive information through WhatsApp. Use a secure communication channel for sending such information. 


With the help of WhatsApp Outlook integration, it is possible to track conversations and make quick replies to questions and messages. The services provided by third-party service providers such as GetITSMS are required to connect the two platforms, that is, WhatsApp Outlook integration. The best way to connect the two platforms is to set up a customer profile on GetITSMS. This platform allows users to save WhatsApp contacts and Outlook emails in the same customer profile.

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